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‘ELVIS: A Musical Revolution’ Opens September 22 at The Springer – Here’s What You Need to Know!

The Springer Opera House is set to open its 2023-24 season on Sep. 22 with 'Elvis: A Musical Revolution' and has added a new series of live events taking place before and after all opening weekend shows this year.


'Elvis: A Musical Revolution' pays homage to the King of Rock and Roll and highlights the story of the iconic performer with a celebration of his music, life, and legacy. The musical encompasses Elvis' career and life: from his humble, poverty-stricken beginnings in Mississippi to his meteoric rise to fame and impact on the music industry.





"There is a reason people worldwide are still interested in Elvis," said Keith McCoy, Springer's new artistic director and the director of this production. "His impact on the world of music and popular culture is immeasurable and truly embraces the diversity of the American dream."


McCoy went on to say the Springer's cast are all exceptional actors, and that bringing Elvis to life on stage with his creative team has been a labor of love. "We have left no stone unturned in the pursuit of authenticity, aiming to transport you back to the period in American history that made Elvis a true icon," said McCoy. " This show is more than just a musical; it is a celebration of a cultural icon who transcended boundaries. The production isn't just a celebration – it's also a look into his struggles and challenges on the path to fame and his profound impact on music and pop culture. His legacy and unique style built the rock and roll and blues foundation for generations of artists and music lovers."


We also spoke with Daniel Durston, the actor playing Elvis. Durston is an expert in the King of Rock and Roll's life, and has years of experience playing him in theaters around the nation.


"Having portrayed Elvis in other musicals, I have taken deep dives into every book and documentary out there. I continue to study those same sources often," Durston said. "I recently drove from Las Vegas to Memphis and then down to Tupelo to fully-experience the same streets he walked."



Daniel Durston as Elvis. Image courtesy Springer Opera House.


Durston's interest in Elvis began years ago, and he's made a career based on his expertise in portraying him. "Growing up a musician and a theatre kid, I was naturally drawn to audition for the national tour of 'Million Dollar Quartet'," said Durston. "After auditioning for six years, I was finally cast as Elvis in the Equity national tour for nearly three years. Then, I got a call from the iconic 'Legends in Concert' show in Las Vegas, and that's when I knew there was a career in it. Being drawn to Elvis' shy and youthful presence and his high energy in the 1950s, I focused on trying to perfect that era specifically, but I've since ventured into my favorite era, the 1968 Comeback Special."


Durston's description of his preparation for the role offered an extensive look into what it takes to become the King of Rock and Roll. "I start three hours before the curtain goes up, and have a routine that includes vocal warm-ups, stretches, hair, and makeup," he said. "I'm often listening to the same music Elvis would listen to, or have a documentary on in the background to get into the headspace to portray his story to the best of my abilities."


Daniel Durston as Elvis. Image courtesy Springer Opera House.


As the curtain prepares to rise on this season's first production, The Springer is also launching a series of opening weekend events. Here's the lineup of new offerings this year:


  • Springer Unplugged Live Lunch Interview and Cast Performance, Sep. 22, 12 Noon in the Springer Saloon. The public is invited to join us for a free live lunch event as we provide an exclusive sneak peek into the opening performance of "Elvis: A Musical Revolution." Get up close and personal with the cast members and enjoy a memorable behind-the-scenes experience. This unique event is perfect for theatre enthusiasts and those looking to enjoy performing arts lunchtime entertainment at no cost other than the optional purchase of a lunch.


  • Springer Encore cast performance, Sep. 23, post-show in the Springer Saloon. Audience members are invited to extend the magic of opening weekend with our Saturday night post-show "encore" performance. This is an additional opportunity to see cast members as they perform songs from the show and classic American Songbook favorites.


  • Springer Speaks Cast Talkback, post-show in the Springer Saloon. Opening weekend concludes with a Sunday afternoon opportunity for the audience to engage directly with the cast members. Ask questions, gain insights into the production process, and learn more about the characters and the story. It's a great chance to connect with the performers and dive into the world of the play.


"Elvis: A Musical Revolution'' opens at the Springer Opera House theatre at 7:30 p.m. on Sep. 22. Tickets are available via the website at springeroperahouse.org, by phone at (706) 327-3688, or by visiting the box office in person at 103 10th Street in Columbus.


Please remember ticket scams are on the rise. To avoid falling victim to a scam, always purchase tickets from the venue's official box office. This protects both you as a patron and the theatre by ensuring your tickets are priced correctly, and your seats are available for the performance. ◾️


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